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200Club Update

Update on 200Club

The 200Club is a great opportunity for members to raise funds for the Supporters' Club whilst at the same time having the chance to win large cash prizes for themselves. Funds raised for the Club will enable us to underwrite more, and more ambitious, social and travel events. Remember, although these events are designed to break-even, many things have to be paid for up-front, which is why we need to raise a "war-chest".

So far, subscription for the 200Club has fallen short of the levels required to fund the prizes and also deliver funds to the Club. For this reason we have been forced to take the painful decision to cut the number of entries to 100. The good news is that your chances of winning just doubled!! The less good news is that we've also cut the prize-fund by 50%. This will mean that the monthly prizes will be cut to £25, £15 an £10, and the end-of-season Grand Draw prize will now be £500.

The first draw is this Saturday at the Ceilidh, so if you want a chance of a double-roll-over you'd best get in quick!!