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A Song For Edinburgh

This is a message from Edinburgh Rugby Ltd.

There has been a lot of discussion among our supporters about enhancing the atmosphere on matchdays at Murrayfield

After talking to supporters, we are already looking at how we can do this. Suggestions so far include the introduction of thunder sticks, playing both old favourites and new tracks, and a noisy section for season ticket holders next year. 

The other main area of discussion has been a song for Edinburgh. Many of you have come up with some great ideas in the fans forum on both the Supporters' Club website and ours.  A recent suggestion of the simple, but effective "ooh ah Edinbra" is a clear favourite at the moment.  

We agree that we should raise the roof at Murrayfield when it comes to getting behind the team, and so would like to invite you to submit your song ideas. We intend to form a working party whose members would take time to put their heads together and listen to all the options and come up with some definitive team tunes. 

If you have the inclination and dedication and want to help us outsing and outshout every other team that comes to Murrayfield, then please get in touch with Angus, by emailing him at  

Angus's current favourite is "we're quick in the loose, our mascot's a moose, we're the famous Edinburgh." Do you agree with him? Can you do better? Given that Flinty is a stag, is there a separate competition to find a new mascot? Get in touch and let us know. Your team needs you!