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Ceilidh Night

Making Merry with the Wasps

Don't forget to sign-up for our Ceilidh Night on Saturday 22nd October. Even if you don't know your Dashing White Sergeant from..... some other Scottish dance (like me, obviously) don't let that put you off - the band has a caller who will walk you through each dance first, and call out the steps as we go, so there's really no excuse. The £12 price includes Haggis, Neaps and Tatties (Veggie Haggis available). Sign-up - well if you can't guess where to sign up by now what have you been doing?!

We'll be joined by a number of visiting Wasps supporters - remember our Heineken Cup match against them is played the next day - so it's sure to be an exciting cross-cultural evening (or something).