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Edinburgh Rugby Membership Scheme

Future of the Supporters' Club to be decided at AGM

By now hopefully you're all aware of the new Membership Scheme that Edinburgh Rugby has launched.  We on the Supporters' Club committee think this is a terrific step forward for Edinburgh Rugby and its supporters, and we hope you do too - after all, it was based in part on all the things you've asked us for over the years. 

As part of the ongoing discussions between Edinburgh Rugby and the committee the question of the future of the Supporters' Club in light of this new Scheme has inevitably been raised.  Now that Edinburgh Rugby has publicly launched the Membership Scheme it is time for you, our members, to have your say. 

Broadly speaking, there are four possible courses of action: 

1)      Wind-up the Supporters' Club on the basis that its purpose and functions have been largely superseded by the new Membership Scheme 

2)      Re-constitute the Supporters' Club as the Social Committee of the Edinburgh Rugby Membership Scheme, to provide practical help and support to Edinburgh Rugby (e.g. in the running of the Clubroom on match day and the organisation of social events) and to provide an independent "voice" for supporters within the Edinburgh Rugby organisation 

3)      Continue the Supporters' Club as an autonomous body providing services to Edinburgh Rugby (e.g. running the Clubroom on match day and organisation of social events) and to provide an independent "voice" for supporters outwith the Edinburgh Rugby organisation, but with greatly reduced benefits, since most if not all of the current benefits are now incorporated into the Membership Scheme. 

4)      Continue as an unofficial Edinburgh Rugby Supporters' Club, although with greatly reduced benefits. 

The decision as to what will happen will be taken by the membership at our Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday 20th June. 

We would like now to hear your opinions in order to help shape the options that will be put to the membership at that meeting.  Please send an email (with subject "Future" to help us identify them) to with your thoughts and ideas about where we go from here. 

All change is inevitably unsettling.  Nevertheless, this new Membership Scheme is a huge step forward for Edinburgh Rugby and for professional rugby in Scotland.  It is a practical demonstration by Edinburgh Rugby of their commitment to their supporters, and it is now time for us to show in return our commitment to Edinburgh Rugby by embracing it wholeheartedly.