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Flinty Pulls

.... but all in a good cause!

At the Gunners next home game, against Llanelli Scarlets on Friday 28th April, a prodigious feat will be attempted in the name of charity.  

No, the Gunners aren't being sponsored to win.  Although, come to think of it, if that's what it takes.....

Seriously though, Flinty, The Mighty Stag, will attempt to pull (or more accurately push, but I couldn't resist the headline) a taxi, yes a taxi, the length of the pitch at Murrayfield.  Of course, he'll have to catch one first....

It's all in the name of charity of course, specifically the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.  But there's no point Flinty performing this mighty deed unless we all part with our dosh.  Flinty is seeking sponsorship for the Mighty Push, so if you feel like doing good, contact the Magnificent Beast himself on with your offers.  And keep them clean....