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Will you help us fly the flag for Edinburgh Rugby?  The Supporters Club Committee wish to offer support to the team at matches - and at the same time cover up some of the blank spaces over in the East Stand. 


We are getting 5 banners made at a cost of £1,000.  The Supporters Club will fund half of this sum but we hope you, the Supporter, will contribute the other half. 


The banners will be large enough to be seen, but small enough also be taken to away games to show the lads that we are there in support.


We will be having a bucket in the ‘Clubhouse’ at home games, and we hope you will drop in a donation as you pass.  Think about it!  With over 1000 Season Ticket holders £500 should be an achievable target over the next few months.  (For those of you who don’t go to the ‘Clubhouse’, a wee donation in the post is equally acceptable.)