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Reasons behind the decision on Unreserved Seating

At a recent Edinburgh Rugby Supporters' club committee meeting, the committee members expressed their concerns to the new Edinburgh Chief Executive, Nic Cartwright, over the decision to move to unreserved seating for season ticket holders.  Nic then provided the following reasons which were behind the decision to go for unreserved seating. 

*         Given the large empty spaces in the stadium - away fans will often think that they can move to a seat in the middle of the stand (which will be empty due to season ticket holder not showing up or that seat not being sold - as there are gaps in any block) - which can have a very negative impact on all those around who want just home support. (Of course there are issues policing this aswell, but they are easier to police).  BY increasing signage as well as improving stewarding (often the hardest to improve) - we hope to address this further

*         Supporters are more likely to be in a better match day environment when they are closer together.  One of the major issues at Murrayfield is the lack of atmosphere and this is intended to address this in part.  Season Ticket holders will on average miss between 2-3 games per season - which means that the seating where they are due to sit is 20% empty for every game (by and large)

*         It makes it easier to bring in friends, or new fans - and still have them sit with you.  Season Ticket holders will have found this almost impossible with reserved seating (unless they moved out of the better seats)

*         The area we have allocated for just season ticket holders is very central and are all very good seats.  It is also pretty large - so that you should be able to get a seat that you are happy with for every game.  It is our goal to improve the match day experience for season ticket holders (seating being a part of this but not all).

*         It will make it easier to patrol the rest of the stadium and use the Bars and facilities better (primarily for committed supporters / season ticket holders)

*         On top of all the above - the major issue Edinburgh needs is to bring in more "new" fans - and we want them to come to an environment that has a better atmosphere where it is easier to understand what is happening.  And above all - where we are a welcoming Club and where any potential issues are minimized (i.e. seat trouble, access, atmosphere etc)