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The Sick Kids Friends Foundation would like to thank the Edinburgh Rugby Supporters for their generous donations at our last collection at the Edinburgh v Dragons game on the 9th April 2005. You have donated £186.19, which is a fantastic amount.

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank the supporters of the Newport Gwent Dragons who kindly donated money too.

We have carried out collections at Edinburgh Rugby games since December 2001 and have since then raised over £4300, which is just an amazing amount. The support of the Edinburgh Rugby supporters has been vital to our work with Sick Children. Your money has helped amongst other things to establish a clinical skills centre, the purchase of special
wheelchairs - bringing independent movement for many children, the redecorating of the Family
Sitting Room, the purchase of a wide variety of toys and also PJ's Loft - our parents accommodation.

We really appreciate your generosity and kindness. Sometimes people approach us at the collections who have used our facilities over the years and it is just wonderful to hear how their children's stay in hospital was improved by the projects undertaken by the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. Thank you to everyone who has donated over the years and we are looking forward to hopefully seeing you all again next season.

We also would like to use this opportunity to thank all the players who have visited the hospital and especially Nathan Hines and his wife for their support over the years. We wish you both every success in your new venture in France.

Heike Wietasch
Donations Administrator at the Sick Kids Friends Foundation