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Supporters Club welcomes new Supporters Trust

Supporters' Club welcomes new Supporters' Trust

If rugby is to flourish in the east of Scotland, supporters need to play their part in ensuring that future generations continue to play and watch rugby. A Supporters Trust will give Supporters the opportunity to do this by providing practical and financial help to Edinburgh Gunners and in the promotion of community rugby projects.

What is the Edinburgh Rugby Foundation?

Edinburgh Rugby Foundation (ERF) is being established as a non-profit making organisation for the benefit and promotion of both Edinburgh Gunners and rugby at all levels in the local community. It will be similar to the many successful Supporters' Trusts which have being formed throughout the UK. We will work alongside Supporters Direct which is an organisation that has vast experience in helping and advising many rugby and soccer clubs in the UK on how to set up their own trust funds. This will be the first trust of its kind in Scotland supporting rugby.

Who will own it?

The Foundation will be a membership organisation and will be owned by all of its members.
One Member = One Vote.

What will it be for?

It will support the Edinburgh Gunners but equally as important, it will promote and support rugby in the whole community.

What sort of things will it do?

One of the first areas that will be looked at is a mechanism to support the apprenticeship scheme. Recent graduates of the scheme include the likes of Rob Dewey who scored 2 tries against Sale. The Foundation will also be seeking ways of supporting mini, midi, school, youth, club and women's rugby.

How can I be sure the money will be spent on the areas decided upon by the newly empowered supporters - by virtue of their membership of the Trust

The Foundation will be wholly independent of the SRU and money donated by the Foundation for any purpose, be it the apprentices, clubs, or the community, can only be for purposes dictated and controlled by the Foundation.

How will it be run?

ERF will be run by a democratic board elected by members of the Foundation. Membership forms will be available shortly and the first general meeting will be held in early 2006.

Does this have the support of the club?

Captain Chris Paterson said, "I think it's a great step that the supporters are taking to prove that support for rugby in Scotland and Edinburgh in particular is alive and kicking. It is also reassuring for us as professional players to know that the supporters are 100% behind us and willing to go the extra mile to preserve the game. After the events of recent months, supporters have every right to voice their opinions and the Foundation seems to be a productive way of doing so. While former Gunners Head Coach, Frank Hadden said "I greatly welcome the creation of a Supporters Trust and its capacity to provide Edinburgh Rugby with additional funding and practical support."

What about the Supporters Club?

The foundation is not in competition with the Supporters Club, who fully endorsed the setting up of this group. The two groups will be working closely together. The Supporters' Club is about what the Gunners and their supporters can do for the Gunners' supporters, whereas the Foundation is about what the Gunners supporters can do for the Gunners and community rugby in general in the east of Scotland.

How can I get involved?

Very easy - just volunteer. Help is needed with the launch and running of the trust fund. We are raising funds NOW and these will only be used for trust fund-related purposes.

In the meantime if you want any further information or wish to get involved in any way please contact us at:

Edinburgh Rugby Foundation
c/o Fords Solicitors
15 Tolbooth Street

Phone: 01592 649996