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Supporters Seek Representation

Fans' Chief Lawson calls for Seat on the Board

Supporters' Club Chairman Bert Lawson has called for the Club to be given a non-voting seat on the board of the Edinburgh Rugby Ltd., the company that now owns the Gunners.

"If Edinburgh Rugby Ltd put a supporter on the board then their return would be in terms of feedback about what those on the ground really want.  At the same time I see the fans' organisation being able to contribute ideas. For example, why not charter airlines to away games and fill empty seats by inviting fans to pay to travel?" 

Lawson also highlighted some of the main issues that are concerning supporters in the run-up to the new season.  "Information is badly needed along the lines of what season tickets will cost, which part of Murrayfield we will be sitting in if, indeed, matches are to be played there. Also why have Edinburgh shipped out far more players than they have signed?"  

He also made it clear that the Supporters' Club is anxious to get actively involved with the new owners, having already submitted requests for a meeting.  "At the first opportunity requests for a seat on the board will be put to the Carruthers or possibly the new MD, Graeme Stirling."