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Talk about bad timing

Talk about bad timing.  At our last AGM in May the members of the Supporters' Club voted to change the club's name to "The Official Edinburgh Gunners Supporters' Club", to align our name with the team's branding.  With the recent decision by the new owners to drop the "Gunners" brand, the Supporters' Club faced something of a problem.  That name can only be changed by amending the constitution, which in turn requires a General Meeting of the Club, which seems slightly OTT just for such a small, if vital, change.

So the solution the committee proposes is based on our earlier decision to adopt the nickname "Gunners Loose Cannons".  For the rest of this season we will adopt the nickname "The Official Edinburgh Rugby Supporters' Club", with the club's name being formally changed at the AGM next May.

Of course, there was a view in some quarters that the committee had exceeded its brief in adopting a nickname in the first place.  Presumably the proposed course of action will also be regarded in the same light.  If there is sufficient strength of feeling that a General Meeting is required to formally change the name immediately then that can most readily be exercised through the provisions of article 6.12 of the Club's constitution, which provides for a Special General Meeting of the Club upon receipt of a requisition signed by ten members of the Club. 

You will by now have seen the new banner heading on our website.  All membership cards issued from now on will incorporate the new Edinburgh Rugby logo.  Members who have received their membership cards already can, if they so desire, collect a replacement card from our Supporters' Club stand in the Presidents' Suite at Murrayfield on match days or at any Supporters' Club event.