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Welcome to the new Edinburgh Rugby Supporters Club web site

BarryNeilsonWelcome to the new Edinburgh Rugby Supporters Club web site. First off I'd like to say a big "thank you" to Paul and the web team for their work in making this happen. Not being a "tecky" person, it's been great to have them all on board to make the development of this as smooth as possible.

Speaking of new things, there are a lot of changes as we go into the new season. As many of you will know, Bert Lawson decided to step down from the Chair of the committee at the end of last season. The success of the Supporters Club and the development of the team we have on the committee now is predominantly due to Bert's efforts. He, along with George Sheils, Linda Mitchell, Allan Quinn and Jenny McLeod, who all stepped down this year, has directed the ERSC to where we are now. We owe them a debt of gratitude and they will all be a hard act to follow. But follow we will and try to build on the good work they have done for the club. But, although they are not on the committee, they are still part of the club and I don't expect that they will shy away from helping us all move forward.

We are also faced with the departure of Andy Robinson this year. I'd like to say a big thank you to him on behalf of all the supporters and wish him well in the new job. He has got Edinburgh Rugby in an excellent position to move forward and I believe we are in good shape for the new season. I'd also like to welcome the new team under the leadership of Rob Moffat. He is not just a popular choice to take over from Andy but the best one, having been at the heart of all the work to re-mould the team to what they are now. I think we are lucky to have them all, coaches and players, working for us to get the team competing at the level we know they are capable of.

So here we are, new season, new team and new ERSC website. Last year the team stepped up a gear and got to the highest position in the ML we have ever achieved. The team are looking to build on that with an equally impressive campaign in the Heineken Cup this year. Now it's time for us, the supporters, to step up a gear and match the efforts of the team. We need to be more active in helping the club grow the support to match the performance on the pitch (and, yes, the team know the two are closely linked). Last year saw real growth in average crowd numbers and the challenge will be to maintain that growth this year. Nic and the team will play their part but they need our help. And that means all of us.

The committee have been discussing how we can help the club achieve its goals and in the coming weeks we will keep you all up to date with these. But we will need the input and help of all supporters to be successful. We are looking at organised travel to away matches and will target a few games to try this out. We will be helping ER in working with the associated clubs and, again, we will need help in doing this. We also need to find ways of making sure we are doing the things that the supporters want us to do.

But, for now, let's just enjoy the new web site and the optimism of a new campaign in both the Magners League and Heineken Cup.

Barry Neilson

Chair - Edinburgh Rugby Supporters Club Committee