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Re: Mini Murrayfied

Postby biffer on Fri Oct 09, 2020 3:17 pm

joe soap wrote:
dolf_lundgren wrote:I’ll hold judgement until I’ve sat in it, but the pillars don’t look good from a viewing perspective. Other than OST I can’t think why we. Haven’t gone for stands without them, plenty of others seem able to do it.

demountable or temp stands. Look same as the ones behind the posts at Scotstoun. Pillars do look like may be a problem. Also rake looks very shallow although that could be the photo misleading

The rake on the North stand is shallower than the other three. Those three have the terracing at the front so need a higher rake to see over the standers properly I think. But they look much better.
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Re: Mini Murrayfied

Postby joe soap on Wed Oct 14, 2020 3:21 pm

joe soap
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Re: Mini Murrayfied

Postby Crichton Gunner on Thu Oct 15, 2020 6:27 pm

I think the pillars are going to affect viewing, no doubt. They don't have a wide profile from the front, but they do from the side. So if you are looking from one 20m line to the other try line then I think they will adversely affect visibility. No doubt having them is a cost issue, but it would definitely be better without them.

My biggest concern is still the wind, though. Prevailing westerlies really howl up the valley between Corstorphine hill and the Pentlands, and in the winter are baltically freezing. It's going to rip through that little stadium, swirling around the ground and stands. There's nothing to protect it from the wind. It'll be difficult for the players and like Ice Station Zebra for the fans (those of a reasonable vintage will know what I'm referring to). Assuming we get to sit in it at some point, wrapping up well is going to be essential to avoid frostbite.
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