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Postby Cammo Gunner on Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:46 pm

Hi All

We have removed 3 threads from the forum today as a result of defamatory & potetially libelous comments.

Once again I'm asking all users to post responsibly & with due regard to the rules of this board.

The rules are here:

Up to now most members have been sensible & have kept to the rules (in nearly 6 years as moderator/admin, i've used the yellow card 3 times as I recall). Unfortunately there has been a spate of defamatory comments made about players & coaching staff which have resulted in ERSC being given a 'gentle bit of legal advice'.

We do not condone or will tolerate this behaviour in future, Any posters who can't follow the rules of this forum will be warned once (with a short cool-off period). If they persist after they have had their yellow card, they will be red carded.

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