Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

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Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby stef.s on Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:34 am

When was the last time we came out of a yellow card period 7 nil up
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Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby Pitfitter on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:06 am

Wasnae pretty to watch but the determination from most of our players is heartening, holding the score with 14 players shows we have improved in our mentality, agree with all re kicking and ball handling and about the touch judges(assistant referees?), Bradbury was stand out in his shift and our fleet footed players showed their worth.
Spent a pleasant part of the game next to a couple of Munster fans and exchanged views and banter, wouldn't happen at Tynecastle/Easter Road.
A few Saturday morning jobs to do now before the game in Rome. :absolute:

Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby dolf_lundgren on Sat Mar 17, 2018 11:55 am

Ugly win but a win. We did seem a little short of ideas when we had the ball though.

Couple of concerns though, defence of the high ball was shocking, we really need to sort that out. The back 3 is an area we need to strengthen for next season. Harries is an honest trier but just a bit our of his dept. The other is goalkicking, SHC leaving exposes WDW,who I then plays better when he doesn't have to kick. Hopefully Hickey and Kinghorn can handle it next season but a scum half who can kick is a huge benefit, particularly when he is at 87% like SHC.

Fowles getting a lot of stick but to be fair he was getting slow ball and our plan wasn't to play it fast and loose, a lot more structured and looking after the ball...and it worked.
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Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby Weegie on Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:12 pm

I've just realised Edinburgh have beaten Ulster, Leinster, and Munster this season (and Glasgow). When was the last time that happened?
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Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby Frenchy on Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:22 pm

Tichtheid wrote:That is our 12th league win this season.

Last year we won 6.

That's a new record number of league wins in a season for Edinburgh, although we have managed 11 a few times when there were fewer matches in the season (10/11 teams).

The last season that Edinburgh won more than half of their league games was 2008-09.
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Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby doedin on Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:48 pm

That was a game we would have lost last year and we would have been well beaten a couple of years ago. Munster tend to drag teams into their style of play and it is difficult to try and play a more expansive game against them. They kick and chase well and tend to suffocate teams with their defence. However we beat them at their own game and that is not something we could say in recent years.

Forwards easily matched the Munster pack. We didnt let them maul effectively and beat them at the breakdown winning more turnovers. I thought Berghan made a huge difference when he came on and he and Sutherland dominated the scrum and added even more to our clearing out. All the forwards earned pass marks but Hardie stood out for his sheer abrasiveness and Mata is developing into a real star! Big Bill took a hefty knock but never took a backward step, works his socks off, takes responsibility for the ball and ended up going off completely knackered. Huge effort from him.

Backs were all solid but struggled off poor ball almost all of the night. However I thought Fowles had a shocker, his kicking and distribution was very poor and he was so slow at the breakdown. If SHC had stayed on the pitch then I suspect we might have won by more. Fife looks like a top class 15, his positional play was superb, he didnt miss a ball nor a tackle and his spell in the 7s has made him more confident in his own pace and ability to beat a man. For me he has come on leaps and bounds and now looks a far more assured performer. We now have two top class full backs on our books for next year.

Cockerill has got these guys playing as a team and when required can roll the sleeves up, play dirty and defend all night long. Despite not having their internationalists Munster have a deep squad and had a top class set of forwards, Copeland being the pick, on the pitch. We more than matched them and ended up deserved wingers. Just hope Cockerill has that new experienced 9 lined up!
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Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby The Feral Goat on Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:47 am

I watched the first half again, was better than I recalled live, will maybe summon the courage to watch the second half at some point.

Few observations

VdM is seriously quick the speed he closed down Fife to get in support for his first try was impressive as Fife is no slouch.

Fowles - I don't think the game plan was to play slow, certainly initially, SHC started and was a playing a lot quicker off the base before getting injured. Fowles has a decent pass on him he just takes an age to get it away from the ruck, slapping the opposition players keeping it at the back as long as possible. I find him infuriating to watch I don't think he plays heads up rugby and am concerned he is our first choice 9 for next season, we have a pretty talented bunch of backs we need to give them quick ball.

Work Rate - Pack in particular is really working hard add McInally, Gilchrist, Watson, Marfo, Nel back into it and it is going to trouble any team in the league. Thought Dean and Bennett in midfield as well did a lot defensively.

The touch judge - WTF
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Re: Edinburgh v Munster: 16Mar18 - KO 1935 - BBC Alba

Postby liveinhope on Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:38 am

Don't forget Dell who I believe played for Hawick on Saturday per a post on another thread.
Suddenly some tremendous depth available on both sides of the front row after all the problems earlier this season.
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