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Postby biffer on Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:09 pm

Scotland v England game is at Myreside the night before the full game at Murrayfield. Should get a pretty good crowd that night I think!
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Re: U20s

Postby germain on Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:24 pm

A reminder of the players we could see this year.

Last year's u19 team :
Patrick Anderson*; Ben Enyon*, Robbie Yourston, Will Hunt**, Jack Paterson;
Kyle Brunton*, Kaleem Baretto*;
Shaun Gunn, Bradley Clements**, Callum Eastwood*;
Dean Roger*, Jamie Hodgson*;
Ryan Sweeney, Angus Hilton , Dan Marek*.

Replacements: Jack Samuel**, Finn Hobbis*, Finlay Richardson, Jamie Ross**, George Bordill, Oliver Cattell**, Jack McLean, Harry Warr, Jack Hennessey**, Kyle Rowe.

2016's under 18 squad :
Ross Dunbar* - Calum Eastwood - Connor Clark - Euan McLaren - Robbie Smith* - Paul Cairncross* - Jamie Hodgson - Dean Roger - Archie Erskine - Fergus Haig* - Andrew Horne* - Callum Cruikshanks* - Daniel Marek -
Jack Bruce* -
Harry Warr - Charles Gowling - Grant Hughes* -Kyle Brunton* - Fraser Strachan - Patrick Anderson - Fraser Dingwall - Cameron Hutchison* - Stafford MacDowell - Ben Eynon* - Rory McMichael - Ben Appleson*.

And last, the team of the last -20 East vs West,
East U20: 15. Adam Hall* (Melrose); 14. Lomond MacPherson (Watsonians), 13. Patrick Anderson* (Melrose), 12 Robbie Yourston (Jed Forest), 11. Jack Blain* (Stewart’s Melville / Stewarts Melville College); 10. Ross Thomson* (Glasgow Hawks), 9. Ruaridh Swan (Stirling County); 1. Finn Hobbis* (Watsonians), 2. Josh MacKay (Selkirk), 3. Finlay Richardson (Edinburgh Accies), 4. Will Inglis (Stewart’s Melville), 5. Charlie Jupp (Heriot’s), 6. Guy Graham (Hawick), 7. James Miller* (Watsonians), 8. Archie Erskine** CAPTAIN (Boroughmuir). Substitutes: 16. Conal Howard (Melrose), 17. Ross Dunbar** (Boroughmuir), 18. Cole Imrie (Edinburgh Accies), 19. Ruiari Campbell (Melrose), 20. Jack Mann (Edinburgh Accies), 21. Andrew Horne (Hawick), 22. Gary Munro** (Hawick), 23. Kyle Brunton (Hawick), 24. Cameron Symes (Glasgow University / Stewart’s Melville), 25. Ben Renton (Boroughmuir).

West U20: 15. Glen Faulds (Currie Chieftans), 14. Logan Trotter* (Stirling County), 13. Sam Yawayawa* (Glasgow Hawks), 12. Mark New* (Glasgow Hawks), 11. Kyle Rowe (Glasgow Hawks); 10. Ben Morrice (Bath University), 9. Harry Warr (Ayr); 1 Andrew Nimmo* (Biggar), 2. Robbie Smith* (Ayr), 3. Euan McLaren* (Ayr), 4. Martin Hughes (Heriot’s), 5. Adam Kerr (GFA), 6. Ross Jackson* (Marr), 7. Wallace Nelson (Stirling County), 8. Jack McLean (Glasgow Accies). Substitutes: 16. Paul Cairncross* (Glasgow Hawks), 17. Ewan Rintoul (Glasgow Hawks), 18. Dan York* (Glasgow Hawks), 19. Andrew Jardine* (Melrose), 20. Andrew McColm (Carrick), 21. Ross Bundy (Stirling County), 22. Gregor Paxton (Marr), 23. Donald Kennedy (Watsonians).

On all those players, Anderson, McDowall, Henderson, Trotter, Erskine, Dunbar and Smith already wore the -20 jersey.
Yu already can imagine a solid XV :
Dunbar - Smith - McLaren (from u19)
Roger - Hogdson
Erskine - Marek - Darge (from u19)
Barreto - Dewhirst/Thompson (from u19)/Brunton
Rowe - McDowall - Henderson - Trotter
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Re: U20s

Postby germain on Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:10 pm

England, Argentina and Italy for Scotland in the next world championship. Tough call as usual. It's in France so we're in for a very latin championship...
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