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Forum rules
The Edinburgh Rugby Supporters Club is run by fans for fans. Please keep your comments on topic and treat other posters with respect.

Forum Rules

Postby Cammo Gunner on Wed May 26, 2010 12:00 am

This forum is provided primarily as a resource for Edinburgh Supporters to discuss the Edinburgh rugby team and rugby in general.

The first and most important thing to consider when posting on the forum is respect for your fellow posters or those about whom you are writing and also respect of their opinions.

If you see a post that you believe breaks any of the rules outlined here, you should report that post and provide a description of why you think it contravenes the rules. All posts are reported in confidence.

General Guidelines
• Please post in the appropriate forum
• Never post material that could be libellous, or links to potentially libellous material
• No obscene material, or links to obscene material
• No posting of other people’s personal details
• Although we realise that the players and coaches are public figures we do ask posters to respect their right to a private life

Abusive Posts
Abusive posts are not tolerated on the forum. Any abusive posts will result in official warnings being issued. Repeated abusive posts will result in the poster being banned.

Responding in kind to abusive posts will be dealt with in a like manner, with an official warning and a possible ban for repeat offences.

Harassment and / or Bullying
Harassment / bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Should you feel that you or somebody else is the victim of harassment or bullying on the forum, you should bring it to the attention of the Moderators immediately, providing as much information as possible, including links to examples.

Fishing / WUMming (Wind-Up Merchanting)
Users that post with the sole intention of eliciting a reaction will be issued with official warnings. Should they continue to post in the same vein, they will be banned from the forum.

If you see a post that you consider to be WUMming, you should report the post in confidence and it will be dealt with by the moderator team. As with responses to abusive posts, feeding the WUMs will result in an official warning and repeat offences could result in a poster being banned.

Private Messages
The first word is “private”. The contents of PMs should remain so unless all involved parties agree for the contents of a PM to be made public.

Abusive PMs will be treated in the same manner as abusive posts. Should you receive what you consider to be an abusive, offensive or inappropriate PM, please forward to a Moderator for further action to be taken.

Links to Commercial Websites
Links to commercial websites are not currently allowed.
Links to other supporter sites are welcomed

This is a voluntary site provided for use by all rugby supporters, Edinburgh and otherwise. The Moderators do their utmost to ensure that everyone is made to feel welcome and is treated fairly. If they deem a post to be in breach of forum rules they will edit or remove the post or request the poster to do this as they deem appropriate. While you are entitled to an explanation of their actions and to make your case to them (by pm only) if you disagree, moderators should be respected at all times and any abuse of Moderators, either by pm or on the forum will not be tolerated.
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