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Gunners Nix Kennedy

SRU acts to dispel rumours

Contrary to what you may have heard or read elsewhere, Edinburgh Rugby Limited clarified today that the New Zealand-born coach Adrian Kennedy is not being considered for the head coach position with Edinburgh Gunners.  

Kennedy was one of several coaches who have held discussions with Scottish Rugby in recent months about the Gunners head coach post, following the return home to New Zealand of Todd Blackadder at the end of last season.  

However, Alex Carruthers, the Executive Chairman for Edinburgh Rugby Ltd, the new owners of the Gunners as of this week, confirmed today that Kennedy is not, contrary to media speculation, about to become the next head coach of the team. 

"We are discussing the head coach position carefully with a number of key people, including our partners in Scottish Rugby and we are also conscious that many of the players are already back in training this week.  

"So ideally a head coach appointment should be made soon but it's important to get this right. We are making steady progress on a suitable appointment. I'm confident the right decision will be made in due course." 

Gordon McKie, Chief Executive of Scottish Rugby added,  "The appointment of the head coach for the Edinburgh Gunners is now in the safe hands of Edinburgh Rugby Limited. We are advising and working well with Alex and his colleagues, and are confident they will make good decisions in the best interests of the Gunners.  

"The successful future of the pro teams in Scotland has always been a priority for Scottish Rugby and will remain so. We are determined to ensure they succeed and the business model now in place for Edinburgh Gunners is a good one. We will continue to seek similar partnerships for our other pro teams, with Scottish Rugby as a co-investor, as long as we achieve the right mix similar to the Gunners model."