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Re: Edinburgh v Scarlets 1715 KO Saturday 25 Sep

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2021 3:28 pm
by Croft_No.6
For me what was pleasing was the 4 tries were pretty well executed.

D'Ary's first was of course smart play from Vellacott, but then Graham's ability to bump off Kalamafoni whose if a pretty fierce tackler and make the line was impressive.

Bennetts try was again great delivery from Vellacott but Bennett was instrumental in seeing the space and giving him the call for the pass and timing his run perfectly.

D'Arcy's second was just excellent vision from Vellacott and great line from Graham

Kinghorn's try was great interplay with Bennett who was excellent in the offload to keep the play going and great pace from Blair K.

Bit of a theme in the tries but bodes well and the support lines and plays off phase play have obviously been worked on. It is really good to see and with more game time the efficiency and effectiveness will improve.

I didn't get to the game, but from the Falcon's match one thing I did notice was the intensity of the pre-match warm up the team went through which seemed more intensive that I have become used to. Maybe it was only because I was there so early for that one!

Re: Edinburgh v Scarlets 1715 KO Saturday 25 Sep

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2021 8:25 pm
by djphilp
Croft_No.6 wrote:…the support lines and plays off phase play…

Strengths of Blair’s during his playing days. I used to love watching Blair, Rennie and Mossy reading each other’s play and appearing on each other’s shoulders a few years back.

Those in our current squad with real rugby brains who can read the game and the plays happening in front of them, like Graham and Bennett, will continue to revel if we continue to play the game how Mike used to.