Information for visiting supporters - food, drink

Information for visiting fans and Edinburgh fans going away

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Information for visiting supporters - food, drink

Postby Chris on Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:16 pm

I have posted a couple of versions of this on the board over the years, but they’ve got lost in updates and thread culling exercises. This time, I’ve been prompted by “Ummmm” from Connacht to re-write it and this time I’ve saved it on my own PC first!

Caveat Emptor: these are based on my local knowledge: if you don’t like the restaurants and bars, well, they’re just my opinions! Feel free to add more below.

If you use these guides and feel that you can add something similar on your equivalent forum, please do, and post a link on this forum so we can find it! Thanks…

There are whole websites dedicated to eating out in general, even for Edinburgh in particular. Your first port of call should be “The List” website – the local events magazine, which has a big eating and drinking section, which is also available as a food and drink guide in a magazine/paperback format published early each year. See for more details.

First of all, Murrayfield is in a largely residential area to the West of the city centre. Nonetheless, there are some eating and drinking options in the area.

In the ground: The President’s/Thistle Suite is in the west stand, and is the best place to meet up with Edinburgh (and your own) fans. There are draught beers (lager, bitter, Guinness) and ciders, bottled beers, wine, spirits etc. No real ale as at the end of season 2011/12. Pies etc. are also available. Bottled lager and cider, pies, chips etc. are available from the mobile units in the standing area in front of the West Stand and behind the East Stand.
The Murrayfield Hotel ( is on Corstorphine Road, just over the road from the ground – a big bar with a decent selection of beers, bar meals and accommodation. The Edinburgh Supporter’s Club often meets here to watch away games on television.
The Hampton Hotel ( is next door to the Murrayfield Hotel – a smaller bar, and thus more crowded – but Real Ales (2 or 3) are available.

There are a few restaurants and bars in Roseburn, which is the area to the north-east of the ground. Never used any of them, other than the Roseburn Bar, which is OK if you need a beer on the way to/from the centre of Edinburgh

The Haymarket area. This has become a bit of a “gourmet ghetto” in recent years, and as it’s your last real stop on the way from the city to the ground with a good choice of food and drink, worth exploring. We’ve eaten in all these and more on the way to games over the years – they’re strictly my recommendations and not comprehensive – hopefully other recommendations will follow:

Chop Chop”, Morrison Street ( Featured on “Gordon Ramsay’s Food Heroes” – authentic Chinese food and therefore bears no resemblance to almost anywhere else – a heavy emphasis on steamed and fried stuffed dumplings. You will need to book.
Ignite”, Morrison Street ( a rather posh Indian restaurant next door but one to The Haymarket Bar – all the usual curries, but of a high standard and therefore more expensive than average
Omar Khyyam”, Grosvenor Street ( Legendary Tandoori restaurant, huge portions, luridly coloured sauces full of butter and cream. You won’t feel healthy, but you will enjoy it! (closed at the time of writing thanks to a tram-works flood) :roll:
First Coast”, Dalry Road ( neighbourhood bistro serving classy food at reasonable prices
La Partenope”, Dalry Road ( fantastic Italian, Neapolitan recipes and big wine list. Not the cheapest, but well worth it. The grilled seafood platter is particularly fine – especially if you add the half lobster…

Elsewhere: “The Cambridge” on Young Street near Charlotte Square ( is a real ale bar, does “gourmet burgers”, and if rugby is on TV, it will be shown on the big (and small) screens. Small and busy – book a table if there’s a match you want to see while eating.

The centre of the city is packed with good bars and restaurants – as before, the List Eating and Drinking Guide should give you an idea of somewhere to eat and/or drink near where you’re staying.
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Re: Information for visiting supporters - food, drink

Postby biffer on Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:30 pm

More Pubs = an update to help out any visitors

Opened fairly recently, across the road from Haymarket station. Good range of beer, lots of craft beers from Scottish breweries and decent pub grub in big portions. The full Scottish breakfast (not the all day one) is belting, black pudding and haggis included.

on William Street, five minutes from Haymarket. Teuchters is a proper old school pub, wooden floors and tables, good beer, great atmosphere. Staff always willing to put the rugby on the telly. And it's right across the road from....

Bert's Bar
An old Edinburgh institution, again good beer (Joker IPA, oh yes). Try the pies, just what you need before or after a match.

Thomson's Bar
Just up Morrison Street from Haymarket station, this is another old school pub, wooden panelling on the walls, good beer, this is a really nice place to sit and have a comfortable few beers.

Ghillie Dhu
At the west end of princes street just behind what used to be the Rutland and is now called The Huxley for some reason nobody understands. Nice place, but be prepared to leave with your wallet a fair bit lighter.
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